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Adwords In San Antonio

APlus Net Solutions applies 11 years of Adwords or PPC Internet Marketing experience to businesses in San Antonio, Texas (TX).

Your Guaranteed Method to Be at the top of the Search Engine

Savvy marketers in San Antonio know the value of the internet marketing strategy called “Adwords”. Often called PPC, Adwords is a no-miss, sure-fire way to get high-quality traffic to your website. When done properly, you will get local customers from San Antonio. An Adwords campaign in San Antonio will move your product and sell your services.

What is Adwords and how can it help me with my Web Site Promotion?

Simply put, Adwords is exactly what it sounds like. Each time someone clicks on your Ad that has a link to your website, you pay for that click. But you pay only for that click. You are not paying if your website Ad is simply viewed by someone.

Here is how this paid search engine advertising can work for your business. Let’s say you run an excursion company in San Antonio. You offer guided tours to many of the area’s best attractions, including perhaps a narrated tour of the renowned San Antonio Riverwalk. The majority of your business comes from tourists, but you also cater to the locals who want some family fun that is nearby. You have an excellent website, but you notice that you are not booking as many trips from the leads you are getting as you should be.

A talented search engine consultant can get you better leads from your internet traffic because they can drive better traffic to your website. What is better traffic? It consists of people who are looking exactly for excursion operators in San Antonio, TX. They are not looking for trips to Houston, Dallas or Austin, nor are they looking for trips to Hawaii. Adwords visitors are looking for what you have to sell.

It’s all about the Adwords Ad

APlus Net Solutions will write a short ad that appears in the sponsored search results area of the major websites like Google and Bing. It may say something such as, “Excursions in San Antonio, Texas, Family Fun at an Affordable Price”. You can see why only someone interested in San Antonio, TX excursions will click on that link. The person who clicks thru to your website has already decided they want exactly what you are selling.

If such a person walked into your store, do you think you could make a sale? Of course you could! Now you see the tremendous value in Adwords advertising.

Adwords is flexible. You decide how much you are willing to pay for each customer to your website. You decide when you want the ads to appear. Of course we work with you to write highly targeted ads that get that coveted traffic to your website.

Google Third Party Partner

APlus Net Solutions can assure our clients and Google that we fully comply with and even exceed the requirements for being a Google Third Party Partner – see the Google Policy here:


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APlus delivers what others just promise…Driven Results.

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