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Web Analytics in San Antonio Are Essential to Increase Profitability

There are very few Web Developers that understand that Web Analytics are a means to an end. The ends are the business objectives that have been defined by the client and this is usually not understood by most Website Analysis Firms.

Many times clients in San Antonio can get confused by the vast array of website statistics and website analysis data that they have at their finger tips. Additionally, they do not have the knowledge or experience to organize, analyze and aggregate these statistics to ensure they align with the business objectives set out by the organization. Many Website Developers call themselves a Web Analytics Firm and suffer from this same issue.

Website Analysis Company in San Antonio with a Proven Process

  • Gaining consensus on the client’s business goals.
  • Aligning the business goals with associated Web Analytics metrics in relation to cost per lead, cost per order, revenue per acquisition, etc.
  • Documenting website drivers for conversion activities.
  • Document demographic segments of visitors, sources, referrals, etc.
  • Develop landing page conversion actions.
  • Review analytics data for abandon or bounce pages, and most importantly reasons why.

The deliverables from APlus Net Solutions website analysis process are actionable recommendations (not just charts and graphs which is all most Web Analytics Firms provide) for:

  • Website changes that will increase conversion activity, and ultimately achieve the client business objectives.
  • Internet marketing strategies to increase new customer acquisition.
  • Email Marketing strategies aimed at increasing Customer Retention.

It is very common to get overwhelmed by the vast array of data that is available within Web Analytics.

APlus Net Solutions is a Website Analysis Company serving San Antonio, and will provide you with actionable recommendations that will improve your Internet Marketing results.

Demographics of Internet Users:

Age                          Internet User %

16 – 29                           95%

30 – 49                           87%

50 – 64                           78%

65+                                42%

Source: The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, April 29 – May 30, 2010 Tracking Survey of 2,252 adults, 18 and older, including 744 cell phone interviews. Interviews were conducted in English. Margin of error is + 2%.


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